Traditional Okinawan Karate
Isshinryu:  The One-Heart Way
I began my study of martial arts under Sensei Ray Blazer in the Caroline County (Virginia) Karate Club Isshinryu karate program almost twenty years ago.  I earned my black belt in 1999 and currently hold the rank of yan dan (fourth degree).

Sensei Blazer is a firm believer in the traditional Okinawan approach to martial arts embodied in the Isshinryu philosophy.  Our karate practice aims to unify mind, body and spirit.  In Sensei Blazer's dojo, we are always taught not to look to the next kata or promotion, but to the challenges we must overcome to become better martial artists and, ultimately, better people.

My study under Sensei Blazer has included both empty-hand and weapons katas, kumite (sparring) and self-defense techniques.  Early on in my career, I began teaching the beginner ranks and continue teaching the intermediate and advanced students at the dojo for the Parks and Recreation program in Caroline County.

The Caroline Karate Club is well known in Central Virginia for its  demonstrations at venues such as the Bowling Green Harvest Festival (at which we've appeared for some 25 years!), the county Agricultural Fair, the Caroline County American Cancer Society Relay for Life and various school and church events.  Our students also regularly bring home top honors at local karate tournaments in kata, kumite and weapons competition.




Little Dragons
  6:00-700 p.m.
A special program for the smallest warriors!

Beginners (8-Adult)
                     T/Th   6:00-7:00 p.m.
Traditional Okinawan karate at an accessible pace for the whole family.


             T/Th  7:15-8:30 p.m.
All ages from  the first promotion to ku kyu (yellow tip) up to ni kyu (last promotion before black belt).

All classes are taught at the former Ladysmith Elementary School gym on Rt. 639 in Ladysmith VA.

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